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In 2004 we had many outstanding young women apply.  After reading essays and letters of recommendation, phoning, emailing and faxing we confirmed what we had anticipated-we had a very difficult choice to make.  Ultimately, we were down to our final two candidates and no matter how we looked at their applications-we had a tie!  We decided to award two identical Steve Sims Leadership Awards, each in the amount of $2,000.00.

One of our recipients earned her Varsity Letter in Track and Field.  Her coach said that she offered encouragement to others on the team and didn't complain about the weather or being sore.  She was flexible and stepped into different events willingly.  One of her classroom teachers said that she was always prepared for class, led discussions and asked thought provoking questions.  We also learned that this individual gave of her free time to help others.  She was referred to as a "young humanitarian".  She had been involved in leadership positions as a class officer, an officer for SADD and Eye of the Storm.  She had volunteered to plan and set up many events and fundraisers and is a leader that people trust and can count on.  She said in her essay that it takes initiative to be a leader and that a leader is someone who is confident, enthusiastic and supportive.  We are very pleased to present the 2004 Steve Sims Leadership Award in the amount of $2,000.00 to Beth Funnell.  Congratulations Beth!

Our second recipient this year earned her Varsity Letter in Basketball.  She maintained a grade point average of 3.4 while participating in sports and volunteer activities.  One of her teachers told us that she enjoys the learning process and was an active participator in class.  That teacher also described her as dedicated and fun to work with.  Her coach said that she led by example, gave everything she had and was a fierce competitor.  She remained positive during the more difficult part of the season and worked hard during practice in the Sims Gym to fill the position of point guard.  One of her other letters said that they were "fans" of hers.  She has overcome adversity on several occasions and each time has continued to persevere to be the best she can be.  She leads by example and was respected by her peers.  She was described as funny, sincere, bright, honest and nurturing.  In her essay she wrote about learning to believe in herself and to push herself harder.  She has a true appreciation for the fragility of life and a desire to live her life to the fullest and have no regrets.  We are very pleased to present the 2004 Steve Sims Leadership Award in the amount of $2,000.00 to Valerie Louzon.  Congratulations Val!

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